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You Help Our Farmers

The COVID-19 Pandemic has greatly affected the agricultural industry. Thousands of produce have been thrown away because our farmers couldn't sell their products. Avoca-Go™ is an avenue for these farmers to sell their products. With Avoca-Go™, you get to pick the freshest produce in the comfort of your home, while helping others!

Our Partner Farms

We make sure that our products come from the best farms. Discover where your fruits and veggies are from:

Lomboy Grapes Farm

Lomboy Farms, located in Bauang, La Union, is regarded as a pioneer in utilizing viticulture in the Philippines. It humbly started with only 20 grape cuttings procured from Cebu with 25 hectares of land. Now, it has expanded not only in producing grapes, but also other fruits such as guapples and dragon fruit which also help in the agricultural sector in the Philippines.

BSU Strawberry Farm

The strawberry farm is owned and maintained by the Benguet State University (BSU). The BSU leases at least 500 to 1,000 square meters (5,400 to 10,800 sq ft) lots of the 79.49 hectares (196.4 acres) farm to local farmers for strawberry cultivation. Strawberries are an important part of La Trinidad's economy with the Strawberry Festival held in the town every March.

Rosa Mango Farm

Rosa Farms is a 12.5-hectare mango-orchard in the coastal province of Zambales, home to the Philippine Carabao Mango. It is home to the Philippines’ sweetest mangoes, the Carabao Mango, and various organic fruits and vegetables. The farm has 888 mango trees, lovingly grown and nurtured for years, to bring you only the best and sweetest breed of mangoes available in the Philippines.

Rock Orange Farm

With its sun-kissed soil and crisp mountain air, Sagada is one of the most perfect locations in the country to cultivate several orange varieties. For more than two decades, Rock Farm has flourished as one of the few orange orchards in the Philippines. More than a quarter of this four-hectare land have been allotted for cultivating orange varieties such as Ponkan and Washington Navel.

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